About businessforsale.live

Businessforsale.live is a global, free marketplace for selling businesses and domains.

Using businessforsale.live you can list as many businesses & domains for free, and get buyers to contact you directly by phone or email. There is no limit on the number of businesses and domains you can list at businessforsale.live and you keep your adverts visible and active as long you need to till you find the right buyer.

We don't charge any commission or fees for any transaction at businessforsale.live.

We don't get incolved in any transaction at businessforsale.live.

To list a domain for sale at businessforsale.live, you have to verify its ownership by updating the DNS record with a given TXT record.

Buyers have to send offers more than your specified min offer.

Listing a business for sale at businessforsale.live is free, but business owners have the option to feature their advert for a price of a latte.

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